Why Report Powercuts?

Today power deficit is measured and reported from the supply side. This hides the ugly truth about the disparity in distribution. While some areas within Delhi have cuts lasting more than 12 hours others enjoy better supply.  The data collected from consumer end would reveal the disparity in the distribution process and point out specific problem-solution based approach. Citizens can use the data to ask their power supplier company sharp questions.


Why Solar?

Solar energy is an abundant, clean and renewable source of energy. Delhi is a thriving global capital city; currently it does not live up to the standards of a world-class metropolis. Regular power cuts and blackouts can be avoided if Delhi decides to go Solar.  Get the Delhi government to implement the solar policy to make blackouts a history and make free energy a possibility for everyone.


Why should Delhi do this?

Delhi has a history of power shortage. The Capital does not have its have enough means to generate power on its own. It depends on other states for electricity.

With renewable energy, Delhi can become self-reliant. It will not have to depend on coal, which is destroying forests, and pollution by it is responsible for killing people. Thermal power plants are using and polluting water, which could have irrigated agriculture fields in those areas. It will also set an example for the rest of the country and the world to follow.

This is an election year for Delhi. The Chief Minister will be especially attentive to voters. She knows electricity is a problem and that she's expected to do something to solve this problem. If many of us tell her that we want the city to go use clean renewable energy, she will listen. Click Here to contribute.


About Greenpeace India:

Greenpeace India has been working on various issues related to the environment since 2001. Our work in India is focused on four broad campaigns namely, stop climate change, sustainable agriculture, preserving the oceans and preventing another nuclear catastrophe. Over the years Greenpeace India has built a strong base of supporters spread across the country.

Greenpeace has been focussing it Renewable Energy campaign " Switch on the Sun" in Delhi for the last 3 months. We have been campaigning to bring about a Renewable energy policy as Delhi fares amongst the lowest in terms if Renewable energy uptake. The National Renewable Energy campaign's key priority is to bring about 20% RE in the Grid by 2020.

About Load.Shedding.IN platform:

This website uses the Load.Shedding.IN platform created by Ajay Kumar based on the model of PowerCuts.IN which is an initiative to crowdsource information about Power Cuts in India started in 2011 (read the founding story here and project objectives here). The project aims to crowdsource, primarily from twitter and other mediums like Mobile Web, SMS, Smartphone Apps, information about the Power Cuts happening in India throughout the year. The primary aim of the initiative is to collect data from people and make it accessible in various formats and provide it back for public use for further analysis and use in advocacy and public awareness. 



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